Can You Send Pre Recorded Videos On Grindr?

Can You Send Pre Recorded Videos On Grindr?

“Are you someone who enjoys sharing pre-recorded videos with friends?

Perhaps you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community and curious about Grindr, a widely used social networking app.

You might be wondering if this platform caters to the sharing of pre-recorded videos among its users.

In this detailed blog post, we’ve dedicated our time to delve into this specific query that’s been on your mind.

We’ve conducted thorough research to provide you with a clear and definitive answer.

So, if you’ve been seeking an answer to the burning question – ‘Can you send pre-recorded videos on Grindr?’ – you’ve come to the right place.

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Can You Send Pre Recorded Videos On Grindr?

As of February 2nd, 2024, the functionality to send pre-recorded videos on Grindr remains unavailable.

Despite users expressing significant interest and making numerous requests for this feature, as of the present date, Grindr has not yet incorporated this capability.

However, there’s a chance that future updates to the app may introduce this feature, but as it stands now, users cannot send pre-recorded videos on Grindr.

Can You Send Videos Over Grindr?

Yes, you can send video messages and make video calls on Grindr.

Users can send video messages up to 8 seconds in length, with limitations on the number of messages based on subscription levels.

Additionally, after engaging in messaging, users can initiate video calls with others.

However, Grindr emphasizes safety, cautioning users about potential methods by which private content could be captured despite their efforts to prevent it.


How Many Free Videos Can You Send On Grindr?

On Grindr, there are different limits for sending video messages based on the type of account.

Free users can send up to 10 video messages daily, XTRA users have a limit of 30, and Unlimited users can send up to 100 video messages per day. These video messages can be a maximum of 8 seconds in length.

Does Grindr Have Videos?

Grindr offers video functionality within the app, allowing users to share video messages and initiate video calls.

Video messages can be up to 8 seconds long and users can send a specific number of these messages depending on their account type:

free users can send 10 video messages per day, XTRA users can send 30, while Unlimited users can send up to 100 video messages daily.

To send a video message, users select a profile, access the chat interface, click the camera icon below the text box, choose the video option, record the video, and then send it.

After recording, options exist to send the video as a looped clip, control whether it plays once or can be replayed, and enable or disable the video sound.

In addition, Grindr enables video calls between users who have previously exchanged messages.

Free users have a daily allowance of 1 minute for video chatting, XTRA users get 300 minutes per month, and Unlimited users receive 1,000 minutes per month.

To start a video call, users select a profile, access the chat interface, click the camera icon, choose the video option, and then select “Call” to begin the video call.

Grindr emphasizes safety and privacy, making efforts to prevent unauthorized content capture.

However, it’s important to note the possibility of others finding ways to capture private content, so users are encouraged to remain aware of this when sharing private information or media within the app.

How To Send Video On Grindr For Android/iPhone

here’s how you can send videos on Grindr:

1. Select a Profile: Choose the profile you want to send the video to.

2. Access Chat Interface: Once you’re in the chat with that profile, locate the text box area for messaging.

3. Click the Camera Icon: Below the text box, there should be a camera icon. Click on it to access the media options.

4. Choose the Video Option: Within the media options, select the video icon to start recording.

5. Record and Send: Begin recording your video. After recording, you’ll have options to send the video as a looped clip and to control whether it plays once or can be replayed. You can also enable or disable the video sound.

Is Grindr Video Call Safe?

Grindr takes measures to prioritize user safety during video calls, but no platform can guarantee complete safety.

Grindr states that they work to prevent unauthorized content capture.

However, it’s essential to be cautious when engaging in video calls or sharing personal information online.

Always be aware that others might try to capture or record content without permission, and it’s advisable to avoid sharing sensitive information during video calls on any platform.

What Is Grindr Video Limit?

Grindr has different video limits based on the type of account:

Free users: 1 minute of video chatting available per day.

XTRA users: 300 minutes of video chatting per month.

Unlimited users: 1,000 video chatting minutes per month.

These limits apply to the duration of video chatting within the app.

Additionally, users can send video messages of up to 8 seconds each, with different daily allowances based on their account type (10 for free users, 30 for XTRA, and 100 for Unlimited users).


“In conclusion, while Grindr currently doesn’t support the direct sending of pre-recorded videos, the platform offers various other engaging features, including video messaging and calls.

Understanding the app’s capabilities and limitations allows users to make the most of its functionalities for interactive and engaging communication within the LGBTQ+ community.

While the specific feature of sending pre-recorded videos might not be available yet, Grindr continues to evolve, and future updates may bring new features and enhancements.

As you navigate the app’s offerings, exploring its video messaging and calling options remains a dynamic way to connect and interact with others within the Grindr community.”

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