How To Fix Grindr Viewed Me Not Working

How To Fix Grindr Viewed Me Not Working.

“Experiencing issues with Grindr’s ‘Viewed Me’ feature not working? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Many users encounter glitches or malfunctions with this function.

“In this article, I’ll guide you through a step-by-step process to resolve the frustrating issue of Grindr’s ‘Viewed Me’ feature not working.

Follow these detailed steps to troubleshoot and get your Grindr profile back to full functionality.”

What Is Grindr Viewed Me?

“Grindr Viewed Me” refers to a feature within the Grindr app that allows users to see who has viewed their profile.

This feature provides users with information about other Grindr users who have checked out their profile.

It can give insight into who might be interested in them or who’s browsing through their profile.

Grindr Viewed Me is a feature that allows users to see who has viewed their profile within the past 7 days by tapping on the eye icon at the top of their grid.

Why Grindr Viewed Me Is Not Working?

“From my own experience and research into Grindr’s ‘Viewed Me’ issues, there are various reasons why this feature might malfunction.

One significant factor could be a weak network or poor connection. I’ve noticed that when the internet signal is weak, profiles tend to load slowly or might not display correctly, impacting the functionality of the ‘Viewed Me’ section.”

Another reason which can be due to outdated Grindr app. Most times if you look closely, this Grindr viewed me issue is not working is caused by Grindr user who refuse to download the latest version of the Grindr app immediately when released.

And rhis outdated app most times cause abnormalities one way or the other.
So if you are experiencing this Grindr viewed me not working.
The best fix is to quickly update your Grindr app to the latest version available on the Google or iOS play store.

Another common reason for the ‘Grindr Viewed Me’ feature not working is having an outdated app version. I’ve often noticed that issues with this feature can arise when users delay downloading the latest Grindr update.

Outdated versions can cause irregularities in the app’s functionality. If you’re facing problems with ‘Viewed Me,’ the best solution is to promptly update your Grindr app to the latest version accessible on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

This update often resolves glitches and ensures smoother performance.
Lastly, most times the Grindr viewed me not working might not exactly come from our end, which can either be through a low or weak network or through outdated apps.

Most times the Grindr viewed me not working comes from Grindr servers.
“Additionally, the ‘Grindr viewed me’ feature might not be functioning due to occasional server issues on Grindr’s end.

“The ‘Grindr viewed me’ feature might encounter issues, and while most problems don’t originate from our end, some factors like a weak network or outdated apps on our side could impact its functionality.

These factors from our end might affect the ‘Grindr viewed me’ feature.
However, the primary cause often lies within Grindr’s servers.

It’s not uncommon for Grindr, like many other apps and companies, to experience intermittent server problems.

Once you’ve ensured your Grindr app is up to date and your network is strong, it might be reasonable to attribute the issue to Grindr itself, jokingly speaking.

If you suspect Grindr to be the source of the problem, consider logging out and back in or reaching out to Grindr support for assistance in resolving the issue.”

How To Fix Grindr Viewed Me Not Working.

In my pursuit to resolve the Grindr “Viewed Me” issue, I’ve personally tested these methods.

By following these instructions, I can guarantee that you’ll be able to fix the problem in under 5 minutes. I’ve compiled a list of effective techniques for resolving the “Grindr Viewed Me Not Working” problem.

Additionally, I’ll provide detailed explanations for each troubleshooting method to ensure a clear understanding of how to address this issue.

How to fix Grindr viewed me not working 

1. Check Your Internet Connection
2. Check The Grindr Server Status
3. Check For Grindr Update
4. Force Close The Grindr App
5. Clear Grindr Cache And Data
6. Contact Grindr Support

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Ensuring a stable internet connection is crucial for Grindr’s proper functioning, especially the “Viewed Me” feature.

Start by restarting your router or modem to refresh the connection. Wait for a few moments to allow devices to restart and reconnect.

Verify connectivity by checking if other devices can access the internet, confirming the issue isn’t widespread. If using Wi-Fi, consider temporarily switching to a wired connection to eliminate potential wireless issues that might affect Grindr’s performance.

2. Check The Grindr Server Status

Grindr’s servers play a pivotal role in the app’s functionality.

To check for any reported issues or maintenance affecting the server, visit Grindr’s official website or their dedicated status page, if available. Should the server status indicate any problems, it’s advisable to wait for a while until Grindr resolves the issue on their end.

3. Check For Grindr Update

Keeping the Grindr app updated is crucial for resolving bugs and glitches.

Access your device’s respective app store (App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android), search for Grindr, and check for any available updates.

If an update is available, proceed to install the latest version to ensure compatibility with the “Viewed Me” feature.


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4. Force Close The Grindr App:

Sometimes, temporary glitches can hinder Grindr’s functionality. To address this, force close the app.

On iPhones, swipe up and find Grindr to force close. On Android, go to “Settings” > “Apps” > “Grindr” > “Force Stop” to completely close the app.

5. Clear Grindr Cache and Data:

Clear Grindr Cache And Data

Clearing the cache and data of the Grindr app can resolve potential issues caused by corrupted files or settings.
On Android devices, access “Settings,” then “Apps,” select “Grindr,” and tap on “Storage.” From there, select “Clear Cache” to remove temporary files, and optionally, tap “Clear Data” to delete all app data, including settings.
On iOS devices, uninstalling and reinstalling the app will automatically clear the cache and data during the reinstallation process.

6. Contact Grindr Support

If the issue persists after following the aforementioned steps, seeking assistance from Grindr’s support team is recommended.

Visit Grindr’s official website or access the app’s support/contact section.

Report the specific issue regarding the “Viewed Me” feature, providing as much detail as possible.

Follow any additional instructions or troubleshooting guidance offered by Grindr’s support team to further resolve the issue.

This detailed step-by-step troubleshooting guide aims to comprehensively address potential issues affecting the “Viewed Me” feature on Grindr.


“In summary, resolving Grindr’s ‘Viewed Me’ issues involves checking internet connectivity, updating the app, and considering server-related problems.

By following these steps meticulously, users can swiftly fix the issue in under 5 minutes.

Despite occasional server hiccups, these troubleshooting techniques ensure a smoother ‘Viewed Me’ experience on Grindr.”

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