How Does Grindr Boost Work?

How Does Grindr Boost Work?

Are you new to Grindr and curious about how Grindr Boost works? Well, you’re in the right spot!

This article will break down all you need to know about Grindr Boost features. So, if you’re here for that info, keep reading, and make sure not to skip anything – we’ve got it all explained for you.

Discover the ins and outs of how Grindr Boost functions and get ready to make the most of this exciting feature.

How Does Grindr Boost Work?

Grindr Boost is a feature designed to enhance your profile’s visibility, allowing you to connect with more people in your vicinity. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how Grindr Boost works:

1. Enhanced Visibility for One Hour:

Grindr Boost, a game-changing feature, lets users boost their profile visibility for a solid one hour.

During this time, profiles get a prime spot in the grid, increasing the chances of catching the eye of nearby users.

This added visibility ensures that Boost users really stand out, making it easier to form meaningful connections.

2. Exclusive Access to Viewed Me List:

Grindr Boost has a cool perk – it unlocks the Viewed Me list entirely, usually a privilege for Grindr Unlimited users.

This feature gives Boost users a full view of who recently checked out their profile, adding a transparent and engaging layer to the Grindr experience.

3.Initiate Chats with Viewers:

Grindr Boost goes beyond just making profiles visible; it lets users start chats with those who viewed their profile during the Boost.

This turns the Boost into a dynamic chance to connect and start conversations, making user engagement much better.

4. Inclusivity for All Users:

Grindr Boost is designed to include everyone, whether free or paid Grindr users.

This inclusive approach ensures that a wide range of users can enjoy the benefits of having a more visible profile, creating equal opportunities for connections within the Grindr community.

5. Simple Boost Purchase Process:

Getting a Grindr Boost is easy. Click your profile avatar, choose “Boost to get more views,” confirm your payment details, and your one-hour Boost kicks off right away. It’s a straightforward process, letting users effortlessly increase their visibility on Grindr.

6. Visual Indicators for Boosting:

Grindr Boost uses visual cues to show others when a user is Boosting. During the Boost, the user’s profile avatar and Viewed Me icon are encircled in green,

making it clear to nearby users that the Boost is active. Tapping these icons shows a countdown, indicating how much Boost time is left.

7. Discreet Boosting Operation:

While Grindr Boost boosts visibility, it does so discreetly. Other users aren’t explicitly notified when a profile is Boosting.

However, for transparency, distance information from Boosted profiles to others remains visible on profiles, unless users choose to disable this info. It ensures Boost users get more visibility without unnecessary attention.

8. Post-Boost Detailed Reports:

After each Boost, Grindr provides users with comprehensive Boost reports.

Accessible via an icon on the Viewed Me page, these reports show valuable stats

like the number of profile views, chats started, and taps received during the Boost. It gives users insights into how their Boost performed.

9. Flexible Boosting Frequency:

Grindr Boost gives users complete flexibility in how often they can boost.

Users can choose to boost their profiles multiple times a day or week, tailoring their boosting strategy to their preferences and goals.

This flexibility lets users strategically use boosts based on their interaction goals for a personalized and dynamic boosting experience.

10. Dynamic Pricing for Optimization:

Grindr Boost uses dynamic pricing to optimize the boosting experience. Prices may change based on factors like location and demand for Boost in specific regions.

This approach ensures a balanced Boosting ecosystem, making sure adjustments align with user expectations and market conditions.

Grindr aims to enhance the overall boosting experience for both Boosters and non-Boosters through occasional price adjustments, contributing to a more balanced and optimized platform.

In summary, Grindr Boost is a user-friendly and sophisticated feature, transforming user engagement on Grindr.

With enhanced visibility, interactive features, and post-boost analytics, Grindr Boost becomes a strategic tool for users looking to stand out, connect, and elevate their overall Grindr experience.

What Does Grindr Xtra Get You?

Grindr XTRA is a premium subscription offered by Grindr, providing users with enhanced features and improved connectivity options. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what Grindr XTRA gets you:

1. Getting Grindr XTRA:

  • Log in to your Grindr account.
  • Locate the XTRA icon at the bottom of your screen and select it.
  • Choose the subscription you want and proceed with the purchase through iOS/Android Account.

2. Purchasing Process:

  • The purchase is made through your App Store / Google Play Store account.
  • Provide payment details through Touch ID or manual entry.
  • Confirm your subscription purchase.
    A confirmation email is sent upon successful purchase.

3. Note on Subscriptions:

  • Google Play Billing availability may vary by region.
  • Subscriptions renew automatically until canceled.
  • Purchases are final and non-refundable as per Grindr’s Terms of Service.

4. Grindr XTRA Features:

  • ZERO third-party ads for a seamless experience.
  • View up to 600 profiles in the Grid, expanding your potential connections.
  • Global chat access with Explore to connect with users worldwide.
  • Saved phrases for convenient use in chats.
  • Read receipts to know when your messages are read.
  • 5 expiring photos per day for dynamic profile updates.
  • Premium Album features for a more personalized profile.

5. Grindr XTRA Filters:

Premium Filters accessible with a Grindr Xtra subscription include:

  • Online now
  • Profiles with photos only
  • Face photo only
  • Profiles you haven’t chatted with today
  • Filters based on height, weight, and body type
    Relationship status
    Meet at (e.g., my place, your place, or a public place)
  • Accepts NSFW photos
  • Profiles with Albums


How Long Does Grindr Boost Last?

The Boost feature on Grindr lasts for 1 hour. When you purchase a Boost, your profile receives elevated visibility in the Grid for this duration, reaching more people in an extended radius.

This increased visibility is designed to enhance your chances of making connections within the community.

Throughout the Boost session, your profile avatar and Viewed Me icon are highlighted in green, providing a visual indication of your active Boost.

Tapping on these icons displays a countdown, showing the remaining time on your Boost.

It’s essential to note that once a Boost is purchased, it cannot be canceled, and your profile returns to normal after the full 1-hour period.

During the Boost, your distance from others is visible on your profile, maintaining transparency.

However, Grindr does not notify other users when you’re Boosting, preserving your privacy. If you prefer a more inconspicuous Boost, you have the option to disable showing your distance to other profiles.

There’s no limit to how many times you can purchase a Boost, providing users with the flexibility to Boost their profile multiple times per day or week.

Pricing for Boost may vary based on factors such as location and demand, as Grindr continuously tests pricing to ensure an optimal experience for both Boosters and non-Boosters.

At the end of each Boost session, users receive a private Boost report, accessible through the Viewed Me page.

This report includes statistics like the number of profile views, chats received, and taps received during the Boost.

The Boost report does not contain any chats or taps you’ve sent or show the number of profiles you’ve viewed while Boosting. If Grindr is not open when the Boost ends, you’ll receive a notification indicating that your Boost report is ready.

Is Grindr Boost Worth It?

Grindr Boost can be worth it for users looking to maximize their profile visibility and engagement within the app.

By placing your profile at the top of nearby users’ grids for an hour, Boost significantly increases the likelihood of attracting attention.

The added benefit of unlocking the “Viewed Me” list creates additional opportunities for meaningful connections.

However, whether Grindr Boost is worth paying for depends on individual preferences and goals.

Users seeking increased taps, chats, and profile views may find value in the Boost feature, especially if used strategically during active times.

It’s essential to consider personal priorities and the desire for heightened visibility when deciding if investing in Grindr Boost aligns with your dating or networking objectives.

How To Activate And Set-up Grindr Boost:

  • Click on your profile avatar in the Grindr app.
  • Select the “Boost to get more views” option.
  • You will be redirected to a payment confirmation screen.
  • Confirm your payment details to purchase the Boost.
  • Once confirmed, your one-hour Boost session will begin immediately.
  • While Boosting, both your profile avatar and Viewed Me icon will be encircled in green.
  • Tap on either of these icons to display a countdown of the remaining time on your Boost.
  • Note that once you’ve purchased a Boost, you won’t be able to cancel it, and your profile will return to normal after the full hour has elapsed.
  • Grindr won’t notify others when you’re Boosting, but your distance from others will be shown on your profile as usual.
  • For a more inconspicuous Boost, you can disable showing your distance to other profiles.
  • There’s no limit on how many times you can purchase a Boost, providing flexibility for multiple boosts per day or week.
  • Pricing for Boost may fluctuate based on factors such as the current demand for Boost in your location.
  • After each Boost session, you’ll receive a private Boost report, accessible by tapping the icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Viewed Me page.
  • The Boost report includes statistics such as the number of profile views, chats, and taps received during the Boost.
  • If Grindr is not open when your Boost ends, you’ll receive a notification indicating that your Boost report is ready.
  • Boost reports are entirely private and not visible to anyone else on Grindr. They are also included in the export you receive when you download your Grindr data.

Feel free to follow these steps to make the most out of your Grindr Boost experience!


In conclusion, Grindr Boost emerges as a powerful tool for users seeking enhanced visibility and engagement on the platform.

With its one-hour profile elevation, discreet operation, and exclusive perks like unlocking the “Viewed Me” list, Boost caters to a diverse user base, fostering equal opportunities for connections.

The straightforward purchase process, visual indicators, and post-boost reports contribute to a user-friendly experience.

Grindr’s commitment to inclusivity ensures that both free and paid users can leverage the benefits of Boost.

While the decision to invest in Grindr Boost depends on individual goals, the feature provides a strategic edge for those aiming to maximize taps, chats, and profile views.

Embrace Grindr Boost to stand out, connect, and elevate your overall Grindr journey!

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